Seit Beginn des Schuljahres ist sie hier und hilft uns, die englische Sprache voranzubringen. Nalan Akin ist eine Fremdsprachenassistentin aus der Türkei und wird bis zu den Sommerferien die Englischlehrer und – lehrerinnen im Unterricht unterstützen. Die türkische Kultur repräsentiert sie gern.
Sie stellt sich hier in Englisch vor. Für sie ist klar, dass sie bei uns auch die deutsche Sprache lernen will. Wir sagen: Merhaba, Nalan, hi, willkommen am Alice-Salomon-Berufskolleg.

Hello everyone!
I am Nalan and I come from Turkey.

Who am I?
I’m a dreamer!
I’m a traveler!
I’m a learner!
I’m an English Teacher in Turkey at a Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School!
Well, nowadays I’m all those above but also a language assistant at your school.

What am I doing at your school?
As a dreamer, I’m still taking steps to fulfill the dream of travelling around the world.
As a traveler, I’m here to meet with new people and exchange culture.
As a learner, I’m here to discover more about the world and myself.
As a teacher, I’m here to expand my teaching repertoire with new ways of teaching and learning within Germany’s education system.
As an assistant, I’m here to introduce my culture and help English teachers with some extra-curricular activities such as speaking-club, letter writing, teaching Turkish, and introducing Turkish cuisine.

Why Germany?
I’m here because I love Germany! Such a great country rich in culture, history, nature and cuisine with strong economy and technology and -of course one of the main reasons that I’m here- good education system. It was also a country where I could teach English as a foreign language like in Turkey. Lastly I would really like my second foreign language to be German, even it’s so hard for me.

Where in the world have I traveled?
This is my first time in Germany, but in Europe I travelled a lot. I was born in Bulgaria so my first travelling was to Turkey when I was one year old. Since then I have been living in Bursa, Turkey. I had Erasmus in Poland having opportunity to visit Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. I spent two great summers in the USA with the work and travel program. Having worked at an amusement park and restaurants, I have been to Boston, Baltimore, Washington, Ocean City, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia.

What am I also interested in?
Nature, trekking, cycling, paragliding, photography, collage art, and voluntary works.

All in all, I feel so lucky that good things keep on happening to me. Therefore I smile a lot and I am thankful for all the great people and things that I met and will meet.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you, so if you see me around, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation! Just say Merhaba! (Hi in Turkish:)

Nalan AKIN
Comenius Assistant